We work with the motto ‘If you know you can, you will.'

There has been rapid growth in the use of latest technologies and design trends in the spaces being created for Hospitality, Healthcare, Corporate and High-end Residences. What is evident is a vacuum of competent, qualified and experienced professionals and work teams to design and execute bespoke projects.

Innerworks has been established with experience, knowledge, passion and commitment of the promoters to bring world class services & solutions to ground level through a single window. We bring to the table, a deep understanding of all technical and practical aspects of the project; Solutions to achieve your dreams in a cost and time effective manner; Future protection because a project, which is well planned and executed, is always convenient to maintain and operate efficiently as years go by.

VIVEK AGARWAL, Director, is an Engineering Graduate from IIT Roorkee with  over 30 years of comprehensive hands-on experience in the business of interior decoration and furniture manufacturing. He has a vast experience in all types of projects including hotels, offices, banks, showrooms and residences. He handles all administrative responsibilities of the company while taking an active interest in the design and execution of the projects.

RAVI MOHAN, Director, is a multi-disciplinary design and Interiors transformation professional. His expertise  is in the fields of Architecture, Interiors, Landscape, Services, Lighting and allied areas. With over a decade of on-ground experience with the best of best in the industry he has successfully managed and delivered Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail projects. He has worked in association with field masters from India, Germany, Russia, Singapore.


We work with intelligent and efficient design solutions from the scratch to help your commercial establishment to minimize cost and maximum profit in the long run. Out of the box solutions are something we excel in and we do not hesitate to apply them if we are convinced that it will benefit your business.

Project Management

We have discovered from many years of experience that bad design and execution leads to troubled operations and require a lot of effort and money to cope with problems that will crop up post production. Not only is this exhausting it can damage the reputation of the concerned business as well. We take complete care to ensure seamless solutions that lead your project from Design to Build and to Operate.


We are proud of our furniture manufacturing facility. It is a perfect blend of man and machine. Our highly skilled craftsmen work together with latest machines to provide high quality custom-design furniture.

Vivek Agarwal
Ravi Mohan